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Sinkhole repair methods grouting and pinning.

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10. Sinkhole repair methods grouting and pinning.

Compaction grouting is a process of injecting a very thick cement mixture underneath the ground where the sinkhole is occurring. Grouting is used to do two things first to seal the top of the limestone layer preventing additional sand from raveling into the sinkhole and then to add density to the soil matrix which will further stabilize the ground. It actually fills in the lime rock and pressurizes the soil in the surrounding areas. The mixture can be injected as far as 80 feet or more underground. This process of sinkhole repair can be used to compact soil or to lift structures that have sunken. Compaction grouting does not lift the house itself. Compaction grouting should normally stop once any lift is noticed on the sinkhole house. In some cases compaction grouting has been thought to have actually worsened the condition of a sinkhole home and may even cause the sinkhole to grow more quickly because of the added weight. It has also caused the floor of the sinkhole home to buckle from over pressurizing the ground.

Underpinning simply defined, is a method of subsurface sinkhole repair using repair lifts at multiple points on the foundation using metal piers which are drilled into the limestone underneath, then attached to the sink hole home using brackets. If structural damage from the sinkhole has occurred and lifting is needed, underpinning would be a better sinkhole repair solution as this is a much more precise way of lifting. This process of sinkhole repair lifts at multiple points on the foundation directly at the foundation-- simultaneously or differentially. Compaction and underpinning together is usually the very best sinkhole repair solution. When it comes to Florida sinkhole repair, I find it prudent to follow what the sinkhole engineer's recommendations are and DO NOT cut corners.

Buy sell sinkhole houses.

Should you repair a Florida sinkhole home? Free Yourself from the Cost of Future, Recurrent Sinkhole Foundation Repairs.

Sinkholes in Florida are probably safe if the sinkhole repair has been certified by a licensed sinkhole engineer. However, as you are dealing with natural systems, there can be no guarantees that a repaired Florida sinkholes will not cause future problems. If you decide to repair and keep your home, remember under Florida law, you MUST disclose the presence of sinkhole activity at your property when you sell your home-- even once repaired.

Once a Florida sinkhole has occurred on the property and a qualified sinkhole engineer has been out to evaluate the sinkhole, and if no structural damage has been found, compaction grouting and / or underpinning are good sinkhole repair solution.

Buy sell sinkhole houses.

Sinkhole Foundation Repair and Insurance Claims.

If you opt to go forth with the sinkhole repair understand that insurance companies normally wish to avoid paying the policy limits and will often discourage owner's of sinkhole homes to use combined methods of sinkhole repair such as exterior perimeter underpinning coupled with interior pinning and grouting. The cost of the sinkhole repair when using combined methods usually exceeds the available property insurance policy limits. Many owners of sinkhole homes will then opt for or are forced into the most cost efficient method of repair, which often results in future collapses and often worse sinkhole damage than what previously occurred.

Exterior perimeter underpinning, coupled with interior pinning, and grouting is widely considered the best way to stabilize a structure where sinkhole activity is present. Some grout may also be added to provide lateral support to the pins. Underpinning is often a very expensive process, the cost of which may exceed available property insurance limits. Underpinning is the process of modifying an existing foundation system by extending into subsurface stratum that is deeper and more stable than the near surface soil that supports the existing foundation. This is done to provide support that is not present. Methods of underpinning include stem walls, the construction of footings, and driven pilings for drilled piers

Buy sell sinkhole houses.

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I buy homes with unrepaired sink holes under them. There are very few people who know how to buy a home with this type of problem. It is very rare for a house to fall into sink holes. Usually the house will shift, crack and sink lower into the ground. The maintenance and repairs of sinkhole homes are much higher than a home with no ground settlement problems.

Buy sell sinkhole houses.

Sink Holes are very common under Florida Homes.

Sink hole homes are most common in Florida. This is due to the limestone layer that lies under Florida. This limestone layer breaks and decomposes in high water tables and in drought like conditions. Signs sinkhole damage to homes is seen in cracks in the ceilings and walls. The front steps may even break away from the home indicating settling and sinking into the ground.

Florida is a flat state. One indication of a problem under the surface of the ground is associated with hills. If you see hills on your property you may have an issue with sinkholes under the surface that are causing a buckling of the surface. This can be most clearly seen on a freshly mown lawn. Do not just assume that your property is improperly landscaped and excavated; the land may be experiencing sink holes which give the appearance of hills.

It is rare for a home to simply fall into a sink hole but it has happened. Sink holes can be dangerous and should be immediately investigated by a professional. Your insurance company will investigate your concern at no charge to you. It is important to investigate any suspicion because it can save you thousands in extended damage as well as avoid collapsing of the home or deep dangerous sinkholes that can trap small children or pets. 

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I purchase sinkhole homes in Tampa, Florida and other Florida counties. Damaged Florida homes often have cracks and damaged foundations. I will purchase your home in its unrepaired condition. I am an investor that is very aware of all the issues that surround sinkhole homes. I am an expert in the area of sinkhole homes. If you are interested in selling your home contact me for a professional offer on your sinkhole home. I specialize in Florida sinkhole homes and look forward to hearing from you. Florida

Buy sell sinkhole houses.

The Florida legislature and Governor Rick Scott have changed the sinkhole laws due to the insistence of Florida Insurance companies. This article was written before the changes were made. If you have a new sinkhole problem you may be out of luck. Contact your insurance company to see if you have sinkhole coverage. We continue to buy unrepaired sinkhole homes in Florida.

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