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Sinkhole house Signs, Symptoms, and Solutions.

Signs of a sinkhole house

If you believe that you have a sinkhole damaged home then you may have noticed some of these indicators in or around your home:


Large and small cracking of floors, walls, or ceilings

Separation of walls from floors or from the ceilings

Windows or doors jamming or sticking

Plumbing Problems


Physical depressions in a neighbor’s yard, or even in the street

Physical depressions or holes in your yard,

Cracking of the exterior walls of the structure (sometimes referred to as "stair step-cracking")

Cracking in driveways and/or pool decks or foundations

Rivers, Conservation areas, Lakes, or existing sinkhole close to the property.

Neighbors with confirmed sinkhole activity.

Symptoms of a sinkhole house

If a portion of your house is shifting and cracking it is a sign of unstable foundation and sinkhole conditions under your house. You may have a sinkhole house if this or any other signs of a sinkhole are present. Contact your homeowners insurance company as soon as possible if you suspect sinkhole activity. A engineering company can make a determination as to whether you have a sinkhole house.

Sinkhole Solution

As you know, sink hole homes are very prevalent in the Central Florida area. My experience and knowledge will help you make the right choice about the future of your investment. My compassion for you as a sink hole homeowner runs deep--I know you are in a delicate and stressful situation that requires immediate action.

When you received a settlement from your insurance company. Please do not fix the unrepaired sinkhole house problem. Let me take a look at the property before you take any action to repair the sinkholes. I can buy your house and pay you top dollar. Buying and reconstruction of unrepaired sink hole property is my specialty If you are looking for a buyer for your sinkholes home, I am able to offer you top dollar for your sinkhole property--and can ultimately free you from the nightmare of owning a sinkhole home. Many of my Florida sinkhole homes are in Holiday, Port Richey and the Spring Hill Area. If you would like to know if I would be interested in your sinkhole home, please contact me at (813) 545-5263 or click here to email me with your request or questions about sinkholes.

Sinkhole Problems

Sinkholes are very common in Florida. Rock below the land surface is limestone, salt beds and carbonate rock. Often their is naturally occurring rock that can be dissolved by ground water circulating through them. When that happens caverns develop underground. When that space gets too large, there is often not enough support for the land above, hence a sudden collapse at the surface.

There are usually many signs of a sinkhole prior to a full collapse. Most homes rarely fall into the gaping hole in the ground but it can still occur under the right circumstances. The high cost of sinkhole repairs can be more detrimental to your finances, then actually dangerous.

Call us for assistance with your sinkhole home. I purchase un-repaired sinkhole damage homes.