Should I Repair My Sinkhole Home in Florida?

Should I repair my sinkhole home in Florida?

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07. Should I repair my sinkhole home in Florida?

Repairs of Florida sinkholes are one of the most expensive things you can do to residential real estate. Many times it costs more to repair the Florida sinkholes and stabilize the house then it had would have cost to build a brand new house. We are talking about major sinkhole repair construction. It is typical to see Florida sinkhole repair engineering reports calling for 350 to 450 cubic yards of grout to be pumped under the ground. I always think of it in terms of a common 20 cubic yard dumpster. If I need to pump 400 yards of grout under the ground to do the Florida sinkholes repair.

Buy sell sinkhole houses. X 20 = 400 Cubic yards of grout.

In addition you may have to underpin the house. During this process your home is a disaster area. You do not want to be staying in the house while the Florida sinkholes repairs are being done. After the construction is done the house can continue to shift and crack. Some cracks are gone and some new ones appear. In one of my Pasco homes the floor buckled 30 days after the house was pumped. I had to cut that area out, then install a new floor. It is something to think about if you have a tile floor. You may have to replace the entire tile floor. It is very hard to get tile to match after some of the old ones in the middle brake. Your headaches are not over after the initial construction is done.

Compaction grouting actually fills in the lime rock and pressurizes the soil in the surrounding areas. This increasing the capacity of the soil to hold up the weight of the house. Compaction grouting does not lift the of the Florida sinkholes house itself. Compaction grouting should normally stop once any lift is noticed on the house. In some cases compaction grouting has been thought to have actually worsened a sinkhole and caused it to grow more quickly because of the added weight.

Underpinning on the other hand is much more precise at lifting. because it can lift at multiple points on the foundation directly at the foundation simultaneously or differentially.

Once a Florida sinkholes has been determined on the property. If there is no structural damage, compaction grouting is a better solution.

If structural damage has occurred and lifting is needed. Compaction and underpinning are the best solution! When it comes to Florida sinkholes repair, I find it extremely prudent follow what the engineer recommends and do not cut corners. The engineer is the expert in this process. You must disclose to any future buyer that you did not repair the house to the engineers recommendations.

Sinkholes are probably safe if a repair has been certified by a licensed engineer. However, as you are dealing with natural systems, there can be no guarantees that a repaired Florida sinkholes will not cause future problems.

I am more then happy to discuss my experiences with you.

The Florida legislature and Governor Rick Scott have changed the sinkhole laws due to the insistence of Florida Insurance companies. This article was written before the changes were made. If you have a new sinkhole problem you may be out of luck. Contact your insurance company to see if you have sinkhole coverage. We continue to buy unrepaired sinkhole homes in Florida.

Should I repair my sinkhole home in Florida?

Sinkholes in Florida are very costly.

Sell us your unrepaired sinkhole house.

We buy unrepaired sinkhole houses in Florida.

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